Things To Know Before Building A Home

If you have your mind set on building a home, and want it to be the perfect end to years of dreaming and chatting about your plans of having a place you know feels like your place completely, there are some important steps to ensure the process goes as smoothly as it can.

Using an established company to project manage it all is a must. Even if you are a qualified tradesperson, you may be surprised how many people are involved with taking your plans and turning it into something you can happily live in. There are so many different jobs that need to be carried out, and it can take a lot of extra time and stress to try and track these people down if you choose to self build.

Another advantage to using a company is it can make it easier to stay within your budget. Because they are working on homes like yours all the time, they are able to give you accurate quotes, and help you work out how much changes to plans and fittings can affect your end costs.

The budget has to be your starting point, and your end point at all times. A lot of the time it’s about finding the balance between your dream and reality. If you really want a split level house for example, you may need to cut back on overall floor space. If you want an expensively fitted out kitchen, you may need to pull back a little on the bathroom. It’s all about working out what parts are not negotiable, and which can be left for later down the track.

Always ask to see the existing plans of a company when selecting one who will help with building your home. While you are most welcome to give them your own plans, using ones they have on hand can be cheaper, and can give you an idea of what sort of places they have built before. If they have a showroom it’s a good idea to go and take a look. Some houses can feel a lot more solid than others, or have a layout that fits your tastes best. Try to ignore the colours of the walls or the fittings as these are extras and easily changed from house to house.

Building a home is an intensely personal project that needs a whole team of other people involved. Choose a company that you feel fits and reflects what you want to do, and then enjoy seeing them create the place you’ve always dreamed of.

Landmark Homes – New House Builder is a growing New Home Franchise throughout New Zealand. Currently there are 8 established Franchises. Each area has a display home to show the quality and exciting house designs Landmark has to offer.

Landmark Franchisees are passionate about the homes they build and work very hard to make the building a home experience a great one. Flexibility of design is one of Landmarks special differences. We encourage our homeowners to make the design theirs by personalising their house plans.