Choose Professional Carpet Cleaning Service

Professional cleaning is needed for every carpet from time to time. However there are many cleaners in the market which can fleece you off your money without giving satisfactory services. Hence here are some guidelines which can help you choose a professional carpet cleaning service for best results.

1)Are they new into the business?

Of course it’s no crime to be new into the business but the chances of them practicing on your precious carpet are much higher. If you have heard of some good reviews about them then it might be worth a chance, but this is one question you should clearly ponder about before you choose them. Also there are a large number of certifications which the service providers could have in-order to show their expertise. Do not hesitate to question them about the same and see their certification card too. Have a look at Captain Carpet Cleaners for more info on this.

2)The kind of training the staff member has received?

Ask the staff member how long he has been with that particular company and about the specialized training he might have received. The carpet is worth thousands of dollars, you wouldn’t like to spend another fortune on cleaning by a company representative who wasn’t even trained properly. This is very important and you can also find some customer reviews about their service.

3)Free Estimates?

Most cleaning companies which are thoroughly professional will be happy to offer free estimates. They could send a person down to your home to measure the carpets and to gauge the extent of dirt that they have. Not all carpets can be perfectly cleaned, they should be honest about that and let you know about the stains which will not respond as good as the others to the professional cleaning process. This written report could be something that you can refer to in the future as well.


Most companies will say that they do the cleaning on per square foot basis. This cost however should include things like moving the furniture to clean the area, pre-vacuum the carpet, give the pre-treatments to loosen out the oils and soil from the carpet to make the cleaning all the more effective. Putting the furniture back in the places, treat all the spots again which haven’t been effectively removed the first time. Finally groom and brush the carpet. This cost normally doesn’t include deodorizing the carpet, use of carpet protectors, attempts to remove certain specific stains like that of kool-aid and wine, burn spots, tears and rips etc